Family Intensives are 1 to 3 day workshops that allow parents and their families to work on relationships and communication. Intensives are experiential and action-oriented and set a stage for learning, growth, and healing for all family members. We offer:

Customized Family Intensives
These intensives are customized to meet the unique needs of your family situation. They range from one to three days in length. They are facilitated in Colorado with Rob Meltzer and/or Melisa Pearce and can last anywhere from three hours to three days. Intensive are experiential and may include equine supported therapy, art therapy, and/or outdoor-experiential therapy. Please contact the Northlight office to inquire or arrange a therapeutic intensive. Cost: $175 per hour or $1100 per day

Multi-Family Workshops
These intensives consist of two to five families and occur on predetermined dates in Colorado with Rob Meltzer and Melisa Pearce. They last for two and a half days and are more affordable than a customized intensive. Average Cost: $850 per person

Why Do Family Therapy with Horses?
Therapeutic work done with horses is an extraordinary method for repairing and deepening relationships within a family. Due to their nature as herd and prey animals, horses are deeply tuned in and keenly aware of nonverbal communication and emotional states. They constantly evaluate humans as potentially safe or predatory. Through interactions with these highly sensitive animals, aspects of relationship and personality--such as trust and safety--are illuminated. Family members are coached to adjust behavior and regulate emotions in the moment. They experience what does and does not fit and come into more authentic and rich emotional relationships with themselves and others.

"Rob Meltzer has a gift of honing in on the crux of any problem. I believe he is able to do this because of his great listening skills and his experience in working with families. He sees patterns very quickly and is able to support both the teen and the parents through his "on target" observations and his ability to lead you to an understanding of your family dynamics."

"Melisa Pearce is a gifted, highly accomplished therapist with the experience and ability to seamlessly choose from her vast knowledge and approaches that reach each participant's issues gently but deeply. Melisa's horses, who have been treated with nothing but kindness and love, are her equally gifted, pure and powerful equine healing partners who connect with you just by being near you.  There are no bridles or bits or commands.  They know their jobs and choose to gently approach you to work their energetic magic based on unconditional love and acceptance."

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