Northlight clients range from highly motivated students who are bored with school to those struggling with bad grades, lack of motivation, low attendance, or learning disabilities. Behaviors range from mild self-esteem issues to defiant, oppositional, angry, and aggressive. Some of our clients are emotionally strong while others are depressed, anxious, compulsive, self-injurious, or suicidal. Some have never touched a drug and others are addicted to drugs, alcohol, sex, Internet, and/or eating.

Rob helps families choose a:
• Boarding School
• Wilderness program
• Residential treatment center
• Drug rehab
• Post graduate or gap year program
• School for learning disabilities
• High school semester program
• Independent living program for young adults
• Time out from college experience
• Study abroad opportunity

Most of Rob's referrals come from current or former clients. This is a result of the caring, long-term relationship that Rob builds with each family.

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