There are a few qualities that distinguish our services from other consulting firms.

Clinical and Educational Excellence
Rob is experienced and knowledgeable and cares about what he does. Northlight Family Services was founded in 2000 and has served many hundreds of families. In his previous career, Rob created and managed programs, worked in public and private schools, worked with students from middle school through college, consulted with organizations and schools. Rob is well prepared to help your family.

A More Soulful Approach
While Rob is a strong believer in structure and boundaries, he also has a preference for programs that take care to nurture and support the soul and spirit of the student. Through Rob, you will only find programs that have the utmost respect for your child.

Whole-Family Approach
When Rob recommends a school to your family he is referring your whole family to the school, not just your child. Rob does not believe in a model in which one family member is "sent away" in hopes that he/she will come home "fixed." Rob believes in helping and including the whole family.

Please contact us for references. Our clients are our best representatives and we are proud to put you in touch with them.

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