You can learn a lot through friends, family, and online searching, but you cannot match Rob's year-round travel, research, and networking. Rob's ability to perceive a child's needs combined with his years of research and knowledge of programs allows Rob to help you find the optimal path. The decision to use a program is an enormous commitment of time, money, and energy. Let Rob guide you with his experience and wisdom.

Why not save a few dollars and use the Internet to find the best program?

More and more parents are gathering data about programs online. If you are one of those parents, how do you know you are focusing on the right type of program? What lesser-known programs, that do not have a presence online, have you missed? Do you have first-hand knowledge and a good feel for the "culture" on campus? What type of students attend the school? Is the school financially viable? Have you met the teachers, students, and/or therapists? Rob personally knows the schools and programs that he refers to. He has met the staff and in most cases has worked with the school in the past.

Rob's greatest value is helping you make a wise investment

The cost of Robís services is a fraction of what private programming costs and it can mean the difference between wasting your money and success. You will spend tens of thousands of dollars on a program. You do not want to get it wrong. With Robís help you will spend your money wisely. Not only does Rob help you choose the best program, he helps you get the full value once you have chosen it.


Families with consultants often get better service and attention. Programs are familiar with Rob's services and Rob is familiar with the programs. Because of this relationship, he helps you move more successfully through the process of using a school or program.

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